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Managed IT Services
Unique Solutions recognizes that there is a real need to define precisely what Managed Services are, and where the benefits lie for your business.

Managed IT Services is about good management practice - better risk management, control and flexibility, and a renewed focus on your core business strategy and intellectual property assets. Think of it as making your organization agile and fit - a way to, in essence, turn the information technology that runs your business into an on-demand, just-in-time "stream" - only what you need, when you need it.

At Unique Solutions, we have a proven production method which joins people, process and technology to meet the high expectations of our customers. Our Managed Services leverage economies of scale, expertise and automated operations that add value across organizational functions and provide benefits over and above cost reduction such as higher SLAs, reduced deployment times, and better alignment of IT functions with business goals.

All Managed Services are configured to meet your specific application requirements. They include complete hardware and software monitoring and maintenance, backed by Unique Solutions engineers and technicians, who are on-site 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year to ensure proactive management and responsive service.

A Gartner Group study revealed:
  • Cost of an Unmanaged XP machine over 3 years $5,309
  • Cost of a Managed machine over 3 years $3,335
  • $1974 - Cost Savings of a Managed Machine
If you have 20 computers running Windows XP in your business, that is a cost savings of nearly $40,000 in a 3 year time period.

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